Miss. A arrived with on a wave of trepidation. Her body had changed in the past couple years, it does not seem to feel like her own, it moves different, feels different, looks different. Having babies will do that to a girl. It was a changing moment when she saw her images for the first time, teary eyed, "That's me? Wow. How?"

IMG_5827 rev copy.png

Is she not stunning?

When you can find the beauty in everything it is insanely easy to find it in a beautiful woman. We see our own flaws so clearly, it is all we see some days, until someone shows us the parts we didn't notice before. The parts that were always there but because we are too busy being mean to ourselves, we stopped noticing. Never stop looking for your beautiful.

Thank you to Make-Up By Shelby for the fantastic job she did on Miss. A's hair and makeup!