There are few things I love in this world as much as my family, but Photography and Branding come pretty close! I have been providing branding services for years; family, friends and past employers have always benefited from my passion for branding.

Stephanie Filip and her assistant at Tranquil Nights Sleep Solutions.

Stephanie Filip and her assistant at Tranquil Nights Sleep Solutions.

There is just something so beautiful about a well crafted marketing piece with just the right images to convey your message. More than half of the women I know personally are either a representative for a network marketing company or have started their own business selling services or products they have made themselves. But while their messages are unique, their branding needs are all very similar. They want to connect with people that want or need what they are selling and they want to make an impact with their marketing. That is where I come in! You can choose from the packages I have created or we can create a branding program completely unique for you.  Don't miss out, the free package will be awarded at the end of February!

Client: Tranquil Nights Sleep Solutions

Enter to receive a Branded Photo shoot! Promotion ends February 28th at 10 pm. Recipient will be announced March 5th. Contact me from this website contact page telling me about your business and you will be entered to win.

The email you use to enter will be used to contact you about updates of this promotion as well as to notify once a recipient has been determined. Chance of being chosen is relative to the number of entries. Selection will be made once promotion ends. Prize valued at $599. No purchase necessary. Business is located in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada. Travel fee not included in prize.

The time to enter to win the Free Business Branded Shoot Giveaway has ended. Recipient will be announced March 5th, 2017.