Mrs. W describes herself as shy and usually just feels like one of the guys at her high tech factory type workplace where make up and jewelry are not allowed. She wanted to step out of that world in order to gift her hubby a boudoir album for their very special anniversary, but that was not her only reason. She lost her brother with whom she had a very close bond; every year she spends his birthday feeling sad and grieving her loss. She booked her shoot on that day so instead of sadness she would be celebrating the life she has ahead with her husband and the joy that is still awaits her; as her brother would want her to live life to the fullest and not dwell on it being perfect and pain free.


Even though she was prepared and wanted to have this day, doubt began to creep in, "I knew I had always wanted to do a nice boudoir shoot for my husband but was always a little unsure. I mean what woman wouldn’t be, you are having your picture taken in your underwear!" (Might I point out, the underwear is entirely optional) ;)


She confessed to having a little cry on her way to the studio, it was a big emotional day!
But she knew from our chats that the feeling was completely normal, she knew she just had to get to the studio and all would be fine. She had planned her wardrobe and created a very special playlist on her iphone that made the shoot even more personal to her. She wanted to think about the life she had and the love between her and her husband and music was the perfect way to keep her mind in the moment. 


Upon arrival "Amanda started with my hair and make up, I knew I was in good hands. Mel guided me through every position, every outfit, every set; I felt great, comfortable, sexy and confident."


After the shoot, Mel and I sat together and went through all my photos and I was immediately speechless. Who was this woman on the screen? I couldn’t believe it was me. I knew my husband was going to love them."


 I loved them so much and the feeling they gave me that I thought, “Why doesn’t every woman do this?” No woman is perfect, no body is perfect. What is perfect? We have to love ourselves as we are today. At the end of the day, yes I did this for him but I didn’t realize it would be for me. Life is too short; do the thing, eat the pie, take the picture!