I didn’t even know boudoir photography existed when I started my photography career. I started taking family portraits, I sometimes still do, and I noticed that every time I photographed a family with a mom, she was really very hard on herself. I hated it. I tried to help her see how beautiful she was, I would tell her she looked amazing, as I ran to capture her child's fleeting attention.

I felt like I was putting a ridiculously tiny band-aid on a big hurt, just so I could get back to wrangling her kids. I left every session feeling like I failed her. She was grateful for the timeless captures of her family, and she was so happy with the photo shoot, but I knew I could do better. For her AND for me.

Being a curvy girl my whole life I have had to come to terms with my own body and have learned to love myself even if sometimes I was not in love with the way I looked in the mirror. Every time I hear someone put themselves down, I feel like they are talking about my flaws, my insecurities. So you can imagine how I felt at the end of a session when a lady was bad talking herself while simultaneously trying to get her family to be happy and smile and play nice for the camera. I felt beat up.

I had to rethink my passion, because there was no way I was walking away from my camera and there was no way I was going to put a tiny band aid solution to these womens’ opinions of their bodies.

When I discovered boudoir photography I felt like it was a match made in heaven. I know that with the attention I can give a client in that one-on-one experience, it can become completely transformative as we literally and figuratively peel away the layers healing the parts of us as women that need to be seen and loved. Not only that but it is insanely fun!

There is something a bit exciting and daring about having your photos taken in your undies. It is, perhaps, a once in a lifetime event, a decadent experience that I wish for every woman. For me there is nothing quite like the experience of getting to witness the revelation of a woman as she arrives at her own beauty and loves what she sees.

Women deserve to feel stunning every day and somehow because there is an often unattainable standard in media and fashion all around us we feel less than. We can all be models as we are, with our crooked smiles and dimpled cheeks (north or south, whichever!) we are all beautiful.

I am so blessed to have found this path that is so rewarding to me and the women I am fortunate to meet on their own journeys. I think every woman deserves to feel sexy and alluring. I know in my heart that no matter how you feel you look, you are a beauty. Women have this amazing power to heal others with love, to break barriers with kindness, to open up so completely that a lost soul no longer feels alone. That is amazing and so dazzlingly attractive that I think women should be praised everyday for just doing what comes from within. Just for being you.

You sparkle babe. Trust me, I can see you from way over here.