The first time was amazing. She was stunning and gracious. Her beauty radiated from deep inside her and I was transfixed. Looking into her eyes as I clicked the shutter I could feel how powerful the moment was for both of us. Still to this day I think about our time together; it was life changing, empowering and liberating. It was the birth of a fire in me that has not gone out and I hope never will. The final product was sensual and beautiful and I love every one of these photos. The first woman I provided boudoir photography for has become someone I call a friend; she supports my business as an administrator on a facebook group to this day.

This is how we met...

I stumbled across an online training session for boudoir photographers in 2015 while I was finding my legs in the world of photography and I fell instantly in love with the genre. My call out to a network of ladies on facebook for a boudoir model so I could dip my toes in to the world of intimate portrature brought Mrs. D to my door. I offered the shoot shortly before Christmas and she was thinking it would be the perfect special gift for her and her hubby. 

She admits to some trepidation leading up to the shoot, "Although not fully comfortable in my own skin, Mel made me feel like a beautiful goddess. Upon seeing my images for the first time I felt overwhelmed with happiness. She had captured many pictures I absolutely love to this day! My husband and I were both over the moon about the finished photos. I had never met someone for the first time and felt so comfortable. Melanie has this way of making you feel like you're the most beautiful person in the world, she makes it easy for you open up. Her fun, spunky and bubbly personality makes getting along with her a breeze.  I left her studio feeling confident and refreshed."

Mrs. D told me the day of the shoot that she had recently had a baby and was on an amazing journey to get her body healthy and strong and thought that a shoot with me would be a great reward. I am so glad she did!

While I still don't think I am bubbly ;) I absolutely want every woman to feel relaxed and pampered while she is with me. This shoot launched me into boudoir photography full time and I will never look back.