Summer time for the kiddo's has come to an end; no more chauffeuring them to and from friends, refereeing their squabbles, finding their lost shoes, or them asking for snacks all day long. Over are our days at the beach. No more cuddling them on the couch as we stay up late for movie nights that we could have any night we want. I will miss it, but I am so glad to be back to working full time, I have missed ME TIME!!  And it is the perfect time to remind yourself that you deserve to feel desired beyond the needs of your kids and remind yourself how beautiful you are. 

Life gets in the way of taking time just for ourselves, no one gets that more than a fellow mom of three. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ms. J, a single mom of 3 and a successful professional business owner.

She says "Many days, my two identities seem to not mesh well, but I enjoy my career and love my children to the very core of my soul and so I work hard for them.


"Family is the single most important thing to me, which is why I was so rocked when my husband left me. I've spent a lot of time on myself over the past year and I feel (and look) better than ever. I wanted to capture this feeling and remember forever how free I felt, how beautiful I felt, how strong I felt.


"I was so excited for the day to finally come! I have always enjoyed having my picture taken but had never experienced anything like this. On our initial meeting, Mel made me feel so comfortable that I just knew we would work well together.


"The session itself was even better than I imagined. I felt so relaxed, so comfortable. My makeup looked great, my hair looked great, I had a suitcase full of clothes that made me look as sexy and sensual on the outside that I felt on the inside. When I saw my pictures, it was almost surreal. The images looked like me, but the best me I could imagine. No rolls, no floppy boobs...just a super sexy me! Mel is an artist and it shows in every image she captures.


"Every woman should gift themselves this experience. Looking at the photos reminds me of that day and how amazing I felt. YOU deserve to feel this amazing! Let your guard down and have fun. The end result is totally worth it!"


Thanks so much for trusting me with your photo shoot Ms. J! I am told she cannot stop gushing about how much she enjoyed her shoot, telling everyone to treat themselves to a shoot too! Thanks Ms. J!!

Back to school also means back to having a full calendar of shoots from here on out, so hit me with your requests and lets set up a shoot for you, booking from September until March 2018 right now!! So get your Xmas and Valentines Day shoots booked soon. Yes, I said it! But honestly you don't need a reason other than that  you deserve it. Mom's have a full schedule, get it in your calendar now, then relax and let me do the rest! 

Hair and make-up by Amanda of Beauty Bomb Glam