Mrs. W to contacted me when I did a call out for a muse on one of my Wednesday Muse sessions. In the middle of our session she told me she was soon to be a Grandma, AGAIN! Second grandbaby on the way and this beauty was working the camera like a boss! 

I did a request for a muse, preference being given to plus sized beauties, Mrs. W actually apologized to me when she arrived at the studio for not being plus sized :( I by no means feel that weight loss is necessary to be healthy, that rhetoric is damaging and untrue. Health is defined in many ways, this beauty changed her lifestyle, and had the side effect of weight loss. Yay Mrs. W! So with recent weight loss of 30lbs, Mrs. W wanted to celebrate her life and her achievements. I won't tell you how old this beauty is, she can tell you herself, but at any age losing 30lbs is an achievement. She and her hubby made a goal, they wanted to be strong and healthy to lift their grand-babies and support their own kids as they grow their families. After retiring from driving big rigs, (yep, big rigs!) she is ready to live a life that is full of health and family. 


Here is what she said after her shoot:

I just want to say thank you for a great time the other day. It was fun! I'm not much for talking about myself, however I do recommend this to anyone that is considering it. Just jump off that fence and do it lol. Turning 50 last year was kind of scary, but instead of fretting about it, I decided to embrace it. I have started trying to look after myself better and trying to stop worrying about things I have no control over and enjoy life more. I have one beautiful granddaughter and another on the way, I decided to do something for myself as well. I had never driven a motorcycle before. (Always a passenger never a driver), so for my 50th, I went and got my licence, and bought not one, but two bikes! I now spend much of my spare time between my granddaughter and riding. Trying to live life to the fullest. Doing Boudoir photos was another part of this, by accepting my body for whatever it is. No one is perfect, but its being happy with what you have. You definitely helped in this adventure, so to everyone out there that is thinking about it, just do it! You wont regret it!  : )


We celebrate every stage of life, being young and single is about the only stage I can think of that is better than being a Grandma. My turn to hold grand-babies is several years off, but I know it will be a new wonderful rewarding time in my life.

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