When I stop and think about all the times I could have started and been where I wanted to be already, I feel sick to my stomach by all the missed opportunity. I lay in bed at night thinking, first thing tomorrow I will book that meeting to go over my finances... do a complete meal plan for the next month... Get rid of all the junk from the cupboards... get on the treadmill and give'er... write those thank you notes... get all my marketing sorted...

Seriously I could go on forever with all the things I am procrastinating on. FOREVER.

As a perfectionist who knows I am way too flawed to be able to do anything perfectly I continue to put off what I know I could do, perhaps not perfectly, but well enough to move my little ball down the field that much closer to my goal. (I have also put off goal setting, so I am not sure where the goal is, but I hope I would be closer.)

So when you begin to revamp your professional portfolio, launch your website, create kick ass marketing pieces to get you that dream client or land your dream job, you have already done the part that is hardest for me, an many others. The point of deciding and starting is HARD. 

This amazingly talented lady is pushing her engineering career further and creating her image to get her career where she wants to go! Yasssss! I love seeing everyone go for what they want, it is truly inspiring. I got out of bed, put on pants and wrote a blog post today. See?! Inspired. 


I know I can't do it all, or do it perfectly, but that should never stop us from trying. Especially when we could be inspiring each other in ways we may not even realize. 

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