Semi-Annual Sale

Happy Birthday to...everyone!

So I am told turning 40 is kind of a big deal, personally I felt anxious about 35, that was the year for me. I think I felt like I was officially an adult and I had no more excuses for not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had no idea I was allowed to follow my passion and ride the wave of creativity and empowerment that was already coursing through me.

Since I am totally fine with turning 40, and you know, totally fiiiiiine, (see image below, that is your photographer. Self portrait for the win, am I right?) I want to celebrate your birthday for the next 12 months! Pop into the scheduler and select a session in your birth month and come party with me!!!


Book for YOUR Birthday Month and pay only $40 for your Session fee!

 Best price of the Year

  • $40 Session fee

  • $40 Hair and MakeUp

  • $40 off Your Image Purchases

That is over $300 off a regular priced session and purchase!

You must contact me and pay your retainer before the end of October 2018 to get this price.

 Everyone deserves a Happy Birthday!

Growing up just got fun again ;)