I love love notes

Every woman I have in my studio leaves feeling empowered and beautiful. When I receive feedback from everyone of them and this is what they tell me, I know I am providing a service that is unlike any other. It is a wonderful feeling to give these women this experience.


“I felt very empowered”

I absolutely loved the process from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for a better day. It was such an empowering thing to do. Leading up to the shoot I found myself really focusing on the areas of my body I loved the most. My best angles, my sexiest assets, and what poses made me feel the most sexy and in control of my body. It also helped me keep on track with all my goals I had set for myself fitness wise. I am usually pretty hard on myself when it comes to my own personal fitness goals and diet but with the shoot approaching I felt motivated and accomplished. My fitness wasn't only something I was dragging myself to accomplish but something I was excited to achieve for myself. By the time we reached the shoot day I felt very empowered (and a little nervous) but mostly excited. I have traveled far in this body of mine and I was excited to document it as it is at this moment in time.
The hardest part by far was picking the photos. I couldn't even make the final cut, I had to call in assistance. I loved all the pictures too much! This started off as a gift for my husband-to-be on our wedding day but it ended up being an amazing experience for myself.



“Feel like a beautiful goddess”

Although I’m not usually fully comfortable in my own skin, Mel made me feel like a beautiful goddess and captured many pictures I absolutely love to this day! My husband and I were both over the moon about the finished photo's and I left her studio feeling confident and refreshed.
Melanie has this way of making you feel like you're the most beautiful person in the world. She makes it easy for you to put your guard down and open up to her. Her fun, spunky and bubbly personality makes getting along with her, a breeze. I would encourage women to go to Mel for any of their sultry and sexy photo's because her work is just beautiful and you will leave her studio feeling rejuvenated, confident and beautiful (like a whole new you)

“My pictures are a beautiful reminder”

I met with Melanie in January to plan my shoot and I remember feeling completely put at ease with her. Melanie made me feel empowered and excited for my shoot. Getting my hair and makeup done by Amanda left me feeling confident and beautiful. The shoot with Mel was amazing, as she showed me pictures on the back of her camera I couldn't believe it was me in those photo. The woman in the pictures was beautiful and confident and by the end of my shoot I was starting to see myself that way too. My pictures are a beautiful reminder of who I am when I choose to see my positives and not the negatives in my mind.



“Better than I imagined”

I was so excited for the day to finally come! I have always enjoyed having my picture taken but had never experienced anything like this. On our initial meeting, Mel made me feel so comfortable that I just knew we would work well together.
The session itself was even better than I imagined. I felt so relaxed, so comfortable. My makeup looked great, my hair looked great, I had a suitcase full of clothes that made me look as sexy and sensual on the outside that I felt on the inside. When I saw my pictures, it was almost surreal. The images looked like me, but the best me I could imagine...just a super sexy me! Mel is an artist and it shows in every image she captures.
Every woman should gift themselves this experience. Looking at the photos reminds me of that day and how amazing I felt. YOU deserve to feel this amazing! Let your guard down and have fun. The end result is totally worth it!

“I thought I was doing this as a gift for him…”

Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my 20’s I went through a very difficult time of being in pain and angry. It took some time, but I came to terms with my illness and want to celebrate the life that I have. I wanted to capture my body and essence as it exists right now, a sort of farewell package to the last chapter of my life. I wanted an amazing photographer and artist with visions, enthusiasm and flare to help me bring this side out ~ I was lucky enough to find Mel. After my initial consult, I was convinced that the boudoir experience was partly for the man in my life ~ it didn't take me long to realize that it was entirely for me.
The day of the photo shoot I arrived at the studio in the morning with butterflies of excitement. Mel directed me through everything I was supposed to do I felt like a movie star. I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered by Amanda from Beauty Bomb Glam ~ she has an amazing talent for bringing out a woman's natural beauty. We all enjoyed some laughs before the shoot began which definitely put me at ease. I felt beautiful and sexy in the several hours I spent with Mel. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is unlike anyone I've seen. When she took me through the pictures after the shoot I was amazed. I am proud for anyone to see the art we created.


IMG_5814 copy.jpg

“Pretty, and a little sexy…”

Since I knew my hubby would never think I’d do a boudoir shoot I decided for our 1st anniversary this is what i would give him. I have never really liked my body and after two kids I was even more self conscious of myself. My husband has always told me I am crazy and loved me as I am.
I was very very nervous to do the session. I wanted to cancel like 3 times because i just didn’t think I could go through with it! But I’m glad I did, it was so worth it!
Mel was awesome she made it fun and made me very comfortable. I couldn’t believe I WAS pretty and actually a little sexy. I showed my friends my pics and everyone made me feel so good about them. I just still couldn’t believe that was me in the pictures!

“I was being unfair to myself”

As a mom with young kids, the body I have now is not what it was before kids. I needed a boost in my confidence and self esteem. I was comparing myself to others who have smaller bodies and looks that I didn't have. I was being very unfair to myself and I wanted to take steps to really see myself and love the way I look in the mirror.
I was on cloud nine after the session I felt exhilarated and so happy that I went through with doing the session! I couldn't wait to see my images. Being pampered and photographed by Mel was such an amazing experience and it lifted my spirit and opened my eyes to my own beauty.
Having a boudoir session is kind of thrilling too! It is not the kind of thing you get to do everyday, I felt sexy and a kind of like a dare devil. I am so glad I gave this to myself, the positive feelings that I have towards myself now will live on.

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